Table of Contents

ACOS Objective 1

Use various strategies and operations to solve problems involving real numbers.
  • Using alternative representations of rational numbers (models, drawings, grids, graphs)
  • Applying GCF, LCM, and prime and composite numbers, including justification for the reasonableness of results, when working with rational numbers
  • Applying proportional reasoning
  • Using vocabulary associated with sets, including union and intersection
  • Determining whether a number is rational or irrational
  • Demonstrating computational fluency with operations on rational numbers

ARMT Possible = 7 (MC, GR)
  • Estimation may be required.
  • Word problems/real-life situations may be used.
  • dgfgdgrdgfrgfgrd

Project choices for students who demonstrated mastery of each objective after pretesting.
These projects came from Math Projects: 50 Hands-On Projects That Correlate to Specific Math Concepts and NCTM Standards, by Joyce A. Stulgis-Blalock.

Sets and Venn Diagrams
Interactive lesson - Thanks to Sandra Sandlin for sharing!