ACOS Objective 5

Solve problems involving linear functions.
  • Identifying functions from information in tables, sets of ordered pairs, equations, graphs, and mappings
  • Determining the rule that defines a function
  • Classifying variables in a function as independent or dependent
  • Classifying relations as linear or nonlinear by examining tables, graphs, or simple equations

ARMT Possible Points = 4 (MC, GR)
  • Equations may be expressed in terms of f(x).
  • Determining the value of a variable in a linear equation given the values of other variables in the linear equation may be required.
  • A special relationship between lines on a coordinate plane may be required (same line,intersecting lines, parallel lines, and perpendicular lines).
  • Word problems/real-life situations may be used.
  • Determining the equation of a line given two ordered pairs or set of points may be required.
  • Determining the equation of a line given the line graphed on the coordinate plane may be required.
  • The options may be four equations.